One does not simply ‘Do Lent’: Reflection # 1 of 40

A brief note on the temptation of Christ  It occurs to me that at the start of Lent we are regularly told, as sure as the daffodils mark the start of Spring, that there is a great deal of nonsense spoken of the Devil. No sooner does the lectionary provide us with the temptation of … Continue reading

Easter-The basics: The resurrection of Jesus Christ

Foreword [A most important setting of the scene for friends and readers with little time] If you have come across this piece of work with the serious intention of finishing it then you ought to know, whether you know something of the author’s literary idiosyncrasies or or not, that most of the conclusion is assumed … Continue reading

Easter-The Basics. Part One: From Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday

Easter-The Basics Part One: From Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday Foreword There is probably no more fitting a time to add a blog post of some length than at the apex of the Christian calendar, namely, Easter. The period leading up to Easter, Lent, encourages those who are not at all familiar with the heart … Continue reading

Stars in their eyes: a sermon on the three wise men. Epiphany Sunday MMXII

With Stars in their eyes   Introduction   My sermon delivered on the feast of the Epiphany at St Mary the Virgin and All Saint’s Church, Potters Bar. I omit a joke that (I think!) came across well from the pulpit but would not flow so freely in written form. This version is only slightly edited … Continue reading

Why there’s still something about (the virgin) Mary: exploring a few dilemmas about the mother of Jesus

 One never knows, in certain circles, if you are being asked a question out of malice or out of genuine curiosity and a desire for growth. Such was the feeling I got when asked recently if there isn’t a rather dangerous precedent set by God in his bringing about the  virginal conception of his Son … Continue reading

Does God Play Dominoes?: analysis of the William Lane-Craig ‘Does God Exist?’ debate.

I read an article in a magazine recently which bemoaned the loss of a sizeable philosophical vox pop in British public discourse. The present age of British broadcasting seem to like their academics to be scholars-lite, telegenic and pleasing to the ear but having contributed little or nothing that their university based peers believe to be worth … Continue reading

Death & Immortality: its reality and its equality

If you are of the view that the regenerated life is going to be nought but a petty continuation of your present domestic, emotional, and relational arrangements only a wee bit better for having ‘survived’ ;no wonder you’d rather leave all that ‘harp playing in the clouds on yonder shore’ for the dogs.

Does Prayer Really Work?

Enter Mariners wet: “All lost! To prayer, to prayer! All lost!”   This, for those of you who need telling, is the opening scene of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. You will not need telling that this call to prayer is a last-resort realisation that dawns on the crew of a ship are probably not in the … Continue reading

You say ‘Jesus’, I say: Osiris, Thor, Dionysius, Beltane, Quetzalcoatl, The Green Man, Mithras. Myth or man?

There is no shortage of death-to-resurrection gods in most cultures of the world. In fact in every culture and civilization that has understood the necessity of a successful agricultural yield each year, in order to feed its peoples and thus maintain sustainability; have always had a group of people, usually a priesthood, whose sole purpose … Continue reading