The Stormy Present: Trump and the Advent of post-Presidential Politics

The Stormy Present   “The office neither elevates nor degrades a man. What it does is provide a stage upon which all his personality traits are magnified and accentuated.” -George Reedy, President Johnson’s press secretary on the nature of the US Presidency ‘Don’t you dare call me Dick. I am the president of the United … Continue reading

EVOTIVITY: Call Out for Musicians & Artists for a Performance on 01.10.2014

In conjunction with the Diverge collaborative arts project, based at Ort café Moseley Birmingham, I’ve been set a rather satisfying challenge. I’m completing a short spoken word/performance based piece of music I call Evotivity which is a contraction of the words ‘Evolution’ and ‘Nativity’. The idea is that from the utter chaos of the beginning … Continue reading

50 Shades of Othering [Essay abstract-via six quotes]

Six areas, and six small quotes, touched on in my essay-in-progress:  ’50 Shades of Othering’. It will be a response to the artist known as ‘Andre 300o’ [Outkast] and his, shaky and vague,  assertion in a recent performance that: ‘Across cultures darker people suffer most. Why?’    The essay proper forms part of a submission [successful or not … Continue reading

Killing Cupid and bitch slapping St Valentine. [‘SLUTEVER’ and the end of love?]

Editor’s note I’d like to thank, in advance, Karley Sciortino of, Vogue magazine and Vice magazine who [whilst having a schedule considerably different to mine] to agreeing to read this. I hope it is read by her and others in the remembrance that it was written with a genuine desire to understand the different … Continue reading