The Fourth Lie: Britain Decides 2017

The Fourth Lie     ‘There are three kinds of lie: lies, damned lies, and statistics’ –Mark Twain, Chapters from My Autobiography, 1906 [Oft attributed to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli]   I One facet of English socio-political life which I sincerely detest is its hypocritical civility. Of all the forms and types of democracy … Continue reading

The Stormy Present: Trump and the Advent of post-Presidential Politics

The Stormy Present   “The office neither elevates nor degrades a man. What it does is provide a stage upon which all his personality traits are magnified and accentuated.” -George Reedy, President Johnson’s press secretary on the nature of the US Presidency ‘Don’t you dare call me Dick. I am the president of the United … Continue reading

The Power of a Glance and Nod: Black History Month as Black Future

‘If you ever forget you’re a Jew, a gentile will remind you.’ –from a story by Bernard Malmud I Often times the easiest way to explain an experience is to do so in relation to how others react to the state of affairs that cause that experience to manifest itself in the first place. So … Continue reading

The ‘Good Guy’ Candidate: How Trump Wins in 2016

I It has to be said, I prefer bagels to burgers. That is to say if I had to place myself on the American political map it would be safely in the liberal-left New York/New England wing as oppose to the fries & shake culture of the centre-right West Coast, the baby-back rib conservatism of … Continue reading

Patois Serendipity: a play, in poetry, about personal heritage.

Introduction to the piece One of the founders of the Ikon contemporary art gallery in Birmingham, Robert Groves, happens to be a neighbour of mine in Lichfield. Being a generous man, he-often gets me arty gifts. One of them was his/the Ikon gallery’s history book  ‘Some of the Best things in Life Happen Accidentally’. I … Continue reading

Why school pupils must see their teachers strike, [or ‘Solidarity for kids’]

Note: The circumstances describing poor educators contained within the essay pertain, of course, to a small constitency of teachers and managers of young people. There are many people who celebrate, diversity of veiws, dissent and independance in eductaion and they ought to be celebrated. [N.G] TODAY many pupils and parents will be made to stay at home due … Continue reading

For Manchester: The deaths of PCs Bone & Hughes and a city’s lesson

I do not suppose Manchester to be unique in its capacity to mourn certain shocking acts of violence communally, however, as it is the only city I have lived in for any great length of time to date, and as it is a city that has suffered its fare share of violence in the past … Continue reading

REVISED & UPDATED: ‘Why Britain is(n’t really) a Christian nation’ and why Richard Dawkins is still wrong.

Re-stating the obvious This is a slightly updated version of a post made over Christmas when the Prime Minister made comments to the effect that Britain is a ‘Christian nation’ made in light of things like heritage, the King James Version of the Bible and our established Church of England. Recent debates have arisen, following … Continue reading

‘McChristianity’ a new conservative-evangelical God discovered in Oxford?

‘You do understand don’t you, that to admit to this, or something that amounts to this in your paper, is to sanction a form of ‘Divine Appointment’ theory that is effectively, and I in no way wish to be flippant here, a heresy?’