For Nights Like These…

With fond memories of- B.   I Which, he exhaled, with that mock Weariness which becomes those who Have a firm grasp of their field of expertise; Would explain the unusually warm weather.   Hands, gnarled like the bracken which Was burning atop the heap of smouldering peat before them, Lifted a briar pipe to … Continue reading

Patois Serendipity: a play, in poetry, about personal heritage.

Introduction to the piece One of the founders of the Ikon contemporary art gallery in Birmingham, Robert Groves, happens to be a neighbour of mine in Lichfield. Being a generous man, he-often gets me arty gifts. One of them was his/the Ikon gallery’s history book  ‘Some of the Best things in Life Happen Accidentally’. I … Continue reading

One does not simply ‘Do Lent’: Reflection # 1 of 40

A brief note on the temptation of Christ  It occurs to me that at the start of Lent we are regularly told, as sure as the daffodils mark the start of Spring, that there is a great deal of nonsense spoken of the Devil. No sooner does the lectionary provide us with the temptation of … Continue reading

Death & Immortality: its reality and its equality

If you are of the view that the regenerated life is going to be nought but a petty continuation of your present domestic, emotional, and relational arrangements only a wee bit better for having ‘survived’ ;no wonder you’d rather leave all that ‘harp playing in the clouds on yonder shore’ for the dogs.