About ‘Till We Have Faces’

Oxford don and scholar CS Lewis wrote a book ‘Till We Have Faces‘ or ‘An Allegory of Love‘ as is was originally called.

It is a re-telling of the story of Cupid and Psyche from classical Greek mythology. At the end of this tale one of the two main characters who suffers much at the hands of life and ‘The Gods’ brings a heavily written text which contains a damning indictment of the gods and the cruelness of their actions in taking away loved ones and leaving her with nothing in life.

When she finally gets the chance she opens the book to find nothing written, and the pages empty. 

The blog is simply a series of essays, thoughts, and commentaries on all of the things I would like to contain in my ‘little book of life’. At the end of the day however, the blog and I will be barely a memory, and the pages will eventually be empty.


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