50 Shades of Othering [Essay abstract-via six quotes]

Six areas, and six small quotes, touched on in my essay-in-progress:  ’50 Shades of Othering’. It will be a response to the artist known as ‘Andre 300o’ [Outkast] and his, shaky and vague,  assertion in a recent performance that: ‘Across cultures darker people suffer most. Why?’    The essay proper forms part of a submission [successful or not … Continue reading

Patois Serendipity: vote of thanks and the future.

Patois Serendipity: afterword. There is a well known risk, in the creative industry, centred around the fact that the execution of a play necessarily means putting your ideas into the hands, and at the mercy of, other people. Most of the time this is a risk worth taking, and in the case of the performance … Continue reading

Patois Serendipity: a play, in poetry, about personal heritage.

Introduction to the piece One of the founders of the Ikon contemporary art gallery in Birmingham, Robert Groves, happens to be a neighbour of mine in Lichfield. Being a generous man, he-often gets me arty gifts. One of them was his/the Ikon gallery’s history book  ‘Some of the Best things in Life Happen Accidentally’. I … Continue reading