Easter-The basics: The resurrection of Jesus Christ

Foreword [A most important setting of the scene for friends and readers with little time] If you have come across this piece of work with the serious intention of finishing it then you ought to know, whether you know something of the author’s literary idiosyncrasies or or not, that most of the conclusion is assumed … Continue reading

Easter-The Basics: The Last Supper

Part Two The Last Supper, It is a relief to say that, for the purposes of this post, we can forgo some of the academic minutiae about whether to follow the synoptic (Matthew, Mark, Luke) or Johannine (John) chronology of Jesus’s final days. First of all I’m going to take the liberty (an informed liberty … Continue reading

Easter-The Basics. Part One: From Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday

Easter-The Basics Part One: From Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday Foreword There is probably no more fitting a time to add a blog post of some length than at the apex of the Christian calendar, namely, Easter. The period leading up to Easter, Lent, encourages those who are not at all familiar with the heart … Continue reading