Death & Immortality: its reality and its equality

If you are of the view that the regenerated life is going to be nought but a petty continuation of your present domestic, emotional, and relational arrangements only a wee bit better for having ‘survived’ ;no wonder you’d rather leave all that ‘harp playing in the clouds on yonder shore’ for the dogs.

Cloning Christ?: why the Gospels won’t ‘make people Christian’

The Gospel writings, of themselves, have no magical transformative qualities, as though a night spent in a hotel room with a Gideon’s Bible in the bed-side cabinet will put an end to the extra-marital affair due to happen in the room that very night.

The Boy Who Lived: will Harry Potter join the ranks of Middle-Earth and Narnia?

I recall spending nearly every fortnight’s pocket money at the old Warner Brothers store in Manchester on Gryffindor scarves, ties, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour beans, and (to the horror of most concerned, evangelical, parents at the time) saying ‘expelliarmus!’, ‘accio toast!’, ‘win-gaaadium, levi-o-saaaa’! and sundry other Potter-spells at the top of my voice at various intervals.

Does Prayer Really Work?

Enter Mariners wet: “All lost! To prayer, to prayer! All lost!”   This, for those of you who need telling, is the opening scene of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. You will not need telling that this call to prayer is a last-resort realisation that dawns on the crew of a ship are probably not in the … Continue reading